I’m alive because of my friends…

  • Three friends told me last month that they were talking to themselves. Another said he doesn’t dream anymore.
  • A friend tells me the same funny story every few weeks, but we still laugh about it every time
  • A friend once described himself as dull and lazy near the shells and bombs. I remembered a poem about how Vietnamese soldiers walked as they returned from battle. While searching for it, I read about the birds, the birds that heard the bombs, about the way they fly
  • I watched a Russian movie without translation, a friend says it is important and documentary
  • A friend who teaches at a university offered me to work as a model of drawing, I was about to smile when she said, ‘No no, not you as you, but their new project is the beard
  • During the night a friend wrote to me that she was watching snails. In the morning I found a message: snails are Varying in speed, but they’re all slow
  • Today I wrote about a spy, a friend of mine is sure that I am a spy. which I liked that. I started making suspicious movements before her, and then I wrote today about a spy

Nothing much to say, I just miss spending some boring time with you.

PS: I wrote about you six thousand words, most of them “in, about, on, but”, your name passed only once. Yesterday I funnily wrote your name on the table’s wood and I tried to draw you naked. Tomorrow I will go out to walk and think about you.

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