Edited by: Maggie Rosenau


He was silent! My friend, who traveled by boat to Europe said. Then she continued: we had with us on the boat a young man who did not speak until we asked him: who are you? He answered: it is not important.

– Why are you leaving with us, what’s your reason?
– Nothing else to do…
– Is it war?
– No!
– are you sad?
– No!
– Then… are you happy?
– Also no!
– Someone’s waiting for you?
– No!
– Did You say goodbye to anybody?
– No!
– Then do you love someone you’re leaving to meet?
– No!
– Someone will be crying if you’re gone?
– No!
– Do you fear the memories?
– No memories for me…
– Do you dream of making some?
– No!

I asked my friend about this traveler: then what?
– He is the only one we’ve lost. Maybe he has drowned. We think he is dead.
– Wait—he is gone? Do you think he was real or alive? Did anyone really ride with you in the boat?



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