Edited by: Maggie Rosenau

The cellphone they found in the pocket of the dead body contained an “unread
When he woke up that morning, the message was still not received.
There was no missed call either.

Loneliness cancels out the benefit of the senses.
Seeing, touching, or hearing someone or something is what makes the moment yours.
The disappointment of loneliness is like a small needle that pokes the heart with every
inhale and exhale. It does not kill you and you never forget it; you just live it, slowly.
They said the sniper’s bullet that killed him hit him by accident.
One little decision made him stand right in the middle of the distance between himself
and the sniper. One little, unknown flaw.

The sniper never gets the messages, he does not wait for them either, he only takes his
time breathing quietly.
The internal dialogue that keeps him feeling not alone while hunting is:
Hey, it is a beautiful day, the vision is clear. I will observe you for a while. I will imagine
how your wife looks, your sweetheart, your mother, your father. I will imagine being you
for this brief moment. I will look directly and then I will shoot the bullet…and enjoy the
taste of a cigarette after this.

Loneliness is a blurred vision of life, love too.

However, one little flaw can determine this existence.

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